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Dear Readers!

The watchword for October is very relevant after the Harvest Festival on the first Sunday in October: Be generous with your offerings when you worship the Lord. Don’t be stingy when you offer the first produce from your crops. Ecclesiastics 35:10 Worshipping the Lord comes in many forms and we have endless possibilities. One of the most beautiful ways to worship is through music and good worship music can be an expression of the joy of being in the presence of the Lord. Worshipping is about expressing our love and appreciation to the Lord and we have different ways of doing that

One of the ways to worship the Lord is to give to Him. This text calls us to be generous when we give to the Lord and speaks about bringing the first produce, or first fruits of what we receive. When you receive something, what your first thoughts about that harvest or crop is shows something about your heart. If we know that everything we have and are comes from the Lord then our heart will be thankful to him and the first thought will be the offering of thanksgiving to the Lord. When I receive my salary the first payment, even if there is something that is urgent, is the one that goes to the Lord and it has become an act of worship. It fills me with a deep thankfulness and deep joy. Do you see giving as an act of worshipping the Lord?

Thank you to those in our congregation who have responded to our call to worship the Lord by giving and we always stress that you need to give with a joyful heart. Therefore, giving to the Lord is a deep spiritual act. Our hearts need to be right with God and we can only really give with complete joy if we realize that everything we have and are is from God and if we are truly thankful to Him. I am so thankful to him for the congregation that I can serve. I am thankful to him for the wonderful experiences I have made in my years in the ministry. I am thankful to Him for my education, for the possibilities that I have had and that He gave me the right attitude to use those chances in life. I am thankful to Him for my family and friends and so much more. The giving is an act of thankfulness and appreciation for what He does in my life.

Take some time and write down what the Lord is doing in your life. Hand over to Him and see everything as His and go about with things as if they are His. This will give you a deep thankfulness and a willingness to give back to Him. Worship the Lord with a joyful heart and give generously. This worship is between you and Him. Let Him fill you with His joy as you give abundantly.

Shalom Edwin Dedekind


Bishops post














The reformation artist Lucas Cranach senior has drawn an impressive illustration of Luther preaching. It symbolises many aspects of the reformation and the Lutheran Church. It clearly shows that Christ the crucified is the centre of the Church and of all preaching. It also shows Luther’s passion for Jesus Christ. His highest goal was to proclaim this Christ. Looking at the congregation, one can read a lot into their faces. Some look at the crucified Christ, adore and worship him. It is so wonderful when people hear the gospel and get to know Christ. The sermon has fulfilled its purpose! Quite a few look at Luther. This is the danger of any revival movement.

To the preacher Christ is at the centre, but all too easily it happens that the audience starts worshipping the preacher. This also remains the danger of the Lutheran Church – that we focus on Luther, rather than looking at where he is pointing! Yes, we may look at him – but may we then also see where he is pointing, and look at Christ.

One face fascinates me. One woman seems to be looking at us. Suddenly I am no longer just an observer. I am standing in the room! Her eyes are calling: Come and join us. Come and listen – and meet Jesus Christ.

On 31 October we will be remembering Reformation day. A lot of focus will be on Martin Luther.I hope that many will see the real focus and hear the wonderful message that Jesus Christ, the crucified is the Saviour of the world. I also hope that in each service, in each congregation, there will be those like this one woman, who ensure that onlookers will be met by welcoming glances that say: Come in and get to know our Saviour Jesus Christ! Yours in service of this Christ,







News from the Church:

Congratulations to Frank Schütte who passed his second theo-logical examination on 13 August 2014. He was ordained in the Johannes-gemeinde Pretoria on 17 August, and has commenced his service as pastor-coll in Augsburg Congregation (Eastern Circuit). We wish him, his family and the congregation God’s blessing for their journey together.

Various elections were held recently. Vryheid elected Pastor Rüdiger Lutz from East London as successor to Dirk Köstlin. He will be seconded by the Cape Church as from 1 March 2015. Hermannsburg School and Congregation elected Pastor Rene Risch as successor to Burgert Brand who will take up his office as Bishop in Namibia on the 1st of January 2015. Pastor Reinhold Schiele was elected as pastor of the Northern Congregations of the German Evangelical Lutheran Church in Namibia. He will commence his duties there when he returns from Germany at the end of 2014. Southern and Eastern Circuits elected to continue with the 25% Youth Pastor post KZN for a further 3 years. Both ELCSA (Cape) and (NT) at their synods in 2013 adopted a motion of “engagement in view of marriage” between the Churches. The respective church councils were tasked to take the process further. 

On 4 August a task team comprising of the bishop, president of synod and treasurer of each Church met to address the issue in more detail. The following was agreed upon: The aim is one Church which serves and empowers its congregations to fulfil their local calling and where these congregations constructively engage with one another. The task team divided into sub-teams on structure, laws and finances. Each of these sub-teams is encouraged to think outside the box, rather than just adapting or amalgamating what we have. At the next meeting in November 2014 the suggestions will be discussed. After that you will receive a next report.

Combined Pastors Meeting – Cape Church and our church 


From the 15 to the 19 September the pastors of the Cape Church and our church met for a combined meeting. We are thinking about merging the two churches and this meeting served to get to know and understand each other and the differences of our churches. It was a wonderful time of fellowship and appreciating the people God has called into full time ministry.

Wednesday 30 Minute Teaching Service

On Wednesdays the Young Adults and one Fellowship Group meets here at the church. From Wednesday the 22 September we will change the structure a little. We will start with a 30 Minute Teaching in the church and then go into the groups. Everyone is invited to attend, even if it is just for the 30 Minute Service in the middle of the week. May God bless this new ministry in our church.

Greetings from the new Volunteer at St. Peter’s


Hi all, My name is Judith Meng and I am the new volunteer here at St. Peter’s. I am 19 Years old and the youngest of four children. I grew up close to Stuttgart, which is in the south of Germany.

Before I came to Johannesburg I finished school. I arrived the 22nd of September and will stay here until August 2015.

I really like to play music and my main instrument is the Trombone and I have been playing for 10 years. I also like sport and played team handball for a few years. I´m looking forward to a year here in South Africa full of new experiences and challenges.

Beautifying of the Garden of Remembrance


A team consisting of Thom’s and Heise’s took it upon themselves to beautify the Garden of Remembrance. It is wonderful when people take over tasks in the congregation and do them to the glory of the Lord. It is inspiring to see how people give, help and do things in the congregation. May God bless all who are helping and giving so generously. Library Project The room under the hall is being turned into a library and research room. We want to fill it with good spiritual books and bring about a place where people can do research, read and get good books to read. We are in the process of painting it and putting in shelving. Please donate good Christian books and DVD’s. You can hand them in at the office. We want to also put in computers for research and are looking forward to a room that will be used to the benefit of many in the congregation.

History of St. Peter’s by the Lake

HIsotry of St Peters

In the late 1950’s there were Lutheran Churches in Johannesburg, but only German and English speaking congregations. In the late 1950’s it was decided to establish an English Lutheran Congregation in Johannesburg. St. Peter’s by the Lake was established in cooperation with the Lutheran World Federation who provided the necessary funds. The first pastor was called from the U.S.A. and David Nelson started work here in Johannesburg on the 1 July 1960. The Nelson family lived in the house at 43 Lower Park Drive and this became St. Peter’s by the Lake. It was then decided to buy the property and the congregation was officially established on the 10th December 1961. Under the second pastor, Pastor Earl Anderson also from America, a committee was formed to build the church. The money was borrowed from the Lutheran World Federation and paid back in full within a few years. The ground breaking for the building of the church was celebrated on the 1 September 1968. At first the lounge, kitchen and education block (which is now the manse) were completed and the services were held in the lounge. (To be continued).

Congregational Council

Sindi Koyana-Chairperson

Karsten Müller -Treasurer

Markus Heise- Evangelism

Eloise Knoetze -Counselling

Joseph Mainama- Property

Louis Thom -Social Ministries

Andrew Falkson -Youth Pastor

Edwin Dedekind -Pastor

Secretary: Shelley Styger  Secretaries

Office Hours: 8 am to 1 pm



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