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The Voice- April – May 2015

The Voice- April – May 2015





















Surely, he was the Son of God! Matthew 27:54


Dear Readers!

Lent and Easter is and has been the deepest and most rewarding time over many years. It is a time I like to see as a journey with our Lord on the way to the cross, on the cross and then on to the resurrection. It encompasses the highs and lows of our lives and we have a chance to reflect and find peace. After a very difficult year with my mother in law passing away and many challenges both personal and in the church I need this time. I want to encourage each one of you also to take this time to come into the presence of our Lord and discuss everything with Him that is on your hearts. He helps us to work through things and that we can find peace. The watchword for April is a statement that echos in my mind again and again as I walk with the Lord:

Surely, he was the Son of God! Matthew 27:54

This is the statement of the Roman Officer and the other soldiers that had to crucify Jesus. They were forced to be witnesses to the most unfair and cruel event in history and at the end of the whole experience are left with a dilemma: Who is this man that we have just crucified? They make the statement that He is the Son of God because of what they have experienced. My experience is that if we dare to walk with Jesus, read his word, ask Him to reveal himself to us and allow His Spirit to work in our lives, we will have to come to the same conclusion as these soldiers. Today we do not have the privilege of having Jesus with us in Spirit, but we have Him with us through His Holy Spirit. He comes into our lives, takes over in our souls and shows himself to us in so many ways, if we dare to walkwith Him. When I notice that I am not focussing on my faith and it is weak, I take time to be with Him and He strengthens it and helps me through the things I have to face. Easter is just ahead of us and the time before Easter is the deepest time in history. God came down to the deepest level to show how much He cares. He did not leave us to get on with our lives, but rather came into them, took the evil of our lives and this world on himself and brought forgiveness and healing. Every step of Jesus that He took before Easter so many years ago is significant. If you take these verses in the Bible that teach us about this time and meditate on them you will see how this is significant for you. May God be with you on this journey to Easter and give you the time to meditate on His deepest moments.
















Bishops post

“God is good” “all the time” – “All the time” “God is good” – this is

how a speaker greets the congregation, and the congregation responds – not once, but a few times. I am attending a service in Addis Ababa. The congregation is 11 months old. It started off as a prayer group from the “mother congregation”. This is how things are done in the Ethiopian

Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus (EECMY). Church President Rev Dr Wakseyoum Idossa explains the process. “Of course congregations know that they do not exist for their own benefit. Their task is to spread the gospel, establish new congregations” It sounds as if he states the most obvious fact about Church.


When a congregation wants to reach out into the neighbourhood further away from the Church, members living there start with a prayer group. As it grows, they identify and rent a suitable house, with enough space to later build a hall or church. As a next step the house is bought, and as it becomes too small, funds are raised for a larger building. Once a congregation is strong enough to be self sustaining, pay the pastor’s salary and contribute towards the running costs of the EECMY, it can apply to become an independent member congregation. Only then does the Church become involved. Up to then it is under the care and supervision of the mother congregation. With this attitude and approach the EECMY has grown to 8000 congregations, but only has 3000 pastors – the Church is growing too fast! Therefore the Church assists in the training of Evangelists and Lay preachers, who might later do a two year course to be ordained.


In January in one region 40 Pastors were ordained! But that is by far not enough! This visit makes me think. What struck me most was the statement: “Of course the congregations know that they do not exist for themselves, but to spread the gospel” I am reminded of the Ethiopian official from Acts 8. After he became a Christian, “he went on his way rejoicing” we read in verse 39. Can it be an “Ethiopian thing” – this joy? Or is it the power of the gospel? I reflect on how, in our Church, we are often too shy to say anything, and all too seldom radiate the joy of being a Christian. Perhaps Mark 16.8 describes many of us better: “and they said nothing to anyone, for they were afraid.”


I wish that we can learn from our brothers and sisters in Ethiopia, learn to spread the gospel with joy, as if it is the most natural thing to do. Christ has conquered death and sin, he has brought us life! This is reason for joy! “God is good – all the time!”

(More information on the visit to Addis Ababa can be found at )


News from the Church

  1. Pastor Anja Spiske was elected by the Port Elisabeth Congregation as successor to Pastor Felix Meylahn. With her move to Port Elisabeth in November Piet Retief will become vacant.
  2. Pastor Georg Meyer has requested leave of absence to be part of a study process in Germany for at least a year. With this, the Durban Parish becomes vacant after Easter.

Talks between ELCSA (NT) and Cape Church

The main aim of any Church structure should be to enable congregations to better fulfill their calling at grass roots level.

  1. The task team agreed that merger between Cape and NT is possible and can work.
  2. There are no significant legal impediments to a merger.
  3. The bishops shall start trying out aspects of co-operation.
  4. Finances
  5. Both Churches are currently covering their costs
  6. Current investigations suggest that a merger will neither immediately become significantly cheaper nor significantly more expensive
  7. The approach to raising income is different between the Churches and will need further discussions
  8. Collections in ELCSA (NT) result in additional ministries.

The Cape Church does not have compulsory collections. Most collections are used for the congregation’s annual budget requirements.

  1. The approach to solidarity is very different in the Cape from the NT. In the NT it is given on a voluntary basis and raises a significant amount. In the Cape it is part of the congregation’s levy and only plays a small part.

iii. In NT some costs are borne by congregations, which in the Cape are funded centrally (such as travel to pastor’s conventions, synods and circuit events). Thus the direct cost impact on the congregations is different. The task team currently finds no apparent reason that merger should not be aimed at for 2017. Synods in 2015 would have to deliberate and decide on this. This implies that all relevant information needs to be ready for the 2015 Synods, so that informed discussions and possible decisions can be taken.

The congregations are requested to pray for this process.

Womans day
















“Receive each other as Christ received you. This will honor God.” To God be the glory, great things He has done! Thank you, God for a successful women’s day, we praise you! To all the ladies who made it possible, we as a congregation and extended Lutheran family would like to say ‘Thank you’ from the bottom of our hearts, your serving doesn’t go unnoticed by God! Thank you, Edna Müller, for welcoming all us ladies, and making each one of us feel special, and for your illustration of the flower arrangement, with each flower that was put into the vase representing a congregation in the Southern Africa Lutheran Church, which makes up a beautiful arrangement. You reminded each one of us, that we belong in the congregation He has placed us, in order for His purposes to be fulfilled. So, although there are many parts, we are one body (Ephesians 12:4-8). To the Guest Speaker: Heike Jakubeit, we would like to thank you for reminding each one us what a special part we play in the Kingdom of God, and how our relationship with our family and friends, plays a vital part in how we impact our local community for Christ. Jesus himself challenged the culture of His day which minimized the role and value of women. He rejected the idea of inequitable relationships among His followers by what He taught. He modeled servanthood (Matt. 20:25-28; Luke 22:25-17) and treated women with respect, including them as His closest friends and followers. In a culture that did not validate the voice of women in important societal issues, Jesus instructed the women to proclaim, to say out loud, to voice the news of His resurrection publicly, to both men and women (Luke 24:5-11). These actions mobilized the Early Church so that both women and men worshipped and served together. The New Testament incorporates the stories of prominent women in the church, who worked alongside Paul as colleagues (Acts 1:14; 16:40; Rom. 16:1-16; Phil. 4:3; Col. 4:15; Philem. 1-2). Women in the Church GOD’S HIGH CALLING FOR WOMEN “… Christian women should be known for doing good things and

living good lives.” (1 Timothy 2:10) “Your beauty should come from the inside. It should come from the heart. This is the kind that lasts. Your beauty should be a gentle and quiet spirit. In God’s sight this is of great worth and no amount of money can buy it. This was the kind of beauty seen in the holy women who lived many years ago. They put their hope in God…” (1 Peter 3:4&5) You Belong to those Who Believe the Truth “Our Lord Jesus Christ and God our Father loves us. Through His loving favor He gives us comfort and hope that lasts forever. May He give your hearts comfort and strength to say and do every good thing.” (2 Thessalonians 2:16 & 17) Vanessa Thom


Congregational Council

Sindi Koyana Chairperson

Karsten Müller Treasurer

Markus Heise Evangelism

Joseph Mainama Property

Louis Thom Social Ministries and Organisational support

Chris Mvungi Young Adults

Andrew Falkson Youth Pastor

Edwin Dedekind Pastor


Secretary: Shelley Styger

Secretaries Office Hours: 8 am to 1 pm

Address Physical Address

P.O. Box 72207



43 Lower Park Drive

Entrance in Ennis Road (2nd gate)


Contact Details

Phone: 011 646 1308

Fax: 086 605 5617



Banking Details

Acc. Name: St. Peter’s by the Lake

Bank: Standard Bank

Branch: Rosebank

Acc. No.: 001948962

Branch Code: 004205



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