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The new youth choir make us proud!




On Sunday the 31st May in the second service, we were treated to a beautiful presentation of ” We are the world ” by the newly formed youth choir. Congratulations to Clementine, Portia, Zimkhita, Puleng, Aamir, Junior, Lance, Eugene and Xolani for the amazing effort. Well done on all the weeks of practice on Sunday afternoons! You made us all so proud of you.

To see a video of the performance, go to our Facebook page at:

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“Not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit; says the Lord.” Zach.4:6



Dear Readers!
In Acts 19 verse 2 Paul asks the Corinthians whether they have received the Holy Spirit and they answer that they have not even heard of the Holy Spirit. For Paul, this passage makes it clear that if one believes and is baptised in the name of Jesus we are to receive the Holy Spirit. How would you answer the question that Paul poses: Have you received the Holy Spirit?
The disciples were told to go to Jerusalem after Ascension Day and wait to be filled with the Holy Spirit. Only then did they go out and spread the Gospel. At the beginning of my ministry was Pentecost and a waiting for the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the one who brings about the church, who sustains it and who grows the church. When we think about the church and commit to working in the church it is about allowing the Holy Spirit to lead us and grow the church through us.

Paul understood this and asked these people at a place where a little church had started, whether they had received the Holy Spirit. If I asked you that question, what would your answer be? These people admit that they have never heard of the Holy Spirit. I did not know much about the Holy Spirit until I took some time to read all texts in the Bible that mention the Holy Spirit and made a decision to learn everything that I could about Him. I also asked the Holy Spirit to teach me who He is and what He wants to do in our midst. These ten men and, although it is not mentioned, probably their families, receive the Holy Spirit.

In my work this getting to know the Holy Spirit and seeking Him has been central for many years. Someone once likened the work in the Kingdom of God to a surfer who learns to use the power of the waves and surfes on them. He does not create the waves but uses his skills to surf on them. In the Kingdom of God it is the Holy Spirit who creates the waves and we need to wait for them and learn the skills to surf on what He creates. He is the power and He determines the direction.

We need to become a part of  what He does and allow Him to work in our midst. How much energy in churches is wasted in trying to create waves and trying to bring about something on our own. Perhaps it is time to take a step back and to listen to the Holy Spirit and where He leads us. May this season of your life be one where you learn more about the Holy Spirit and give Him more and more space in your life. May God fill you with His Spirit.
Edwin Dedekind


News from St. Peter’s Child Care

We have lost major donors for St. Peter’s Child Care and that means we need to concentrate on funding to continue sustaining this project. The response from our congregation, when we made them aware of this, was overwhelming with Mpho Letlape standing up and offering to help. We must just be careful that we do not take funding away from St. Peter’s by the Lake, but also support these children that are so dear to us. I am humbled by the people who have phoned and raised funds through organizations or pledged to help. It is really very special to see how people reach out. Please think of how you can help and with what organizations you can put us in touch.

Please remember that St. Peter’s Child Care is a section 18a organization and can issue a tax certificate. You can therefore reclaim the taxes on what you give. The suggestion was that we encourage stop-orders of R100 to R500 and get as many people to participate. This will make us less dependent on large donors and the project will be more sustainable. But, you should first look at giving to the church and then to St. Peter’s Child Care. We are also trying to encourage regular monthly giving for the church so that we do not have to remind about finances to often.

St. Peter’s Child Care has done amazing work in the last years. The 7 families, with 30 children (that includes a house that is a place of safety and children come and go) are really well established. One of the families has a dog and a vegetable garden. The house is so comfortable that I felt at home in it. Please think of how you can support and who you can bring us in touch with for donations. More details of St. Peter’s Child Care are to be found on our webpage: Adelaide Mangena is the socail worker of the project and if you have any quesitons you can contact her at  Or phone her on 011 6461320.

The banking details of St. Peter’s Child Care are:
Account name: St. Peter‘s Child Care
Account number: 62032428618
Bank: First National Bank
Branch: Randburg
Branch Code: 254-005

May God be with you and bless you in everything you are doing.
Edwin Dedekind
















The Bishop’s post

In the previous Bishop´s Post I shared about my visit to Ethiopia. “Our congregations know why they exist” the Church leader had stated. I asked myself: Do our congregations know why, for what purpose they exist? When I was a dean I regularly led visitations to congregations.

I specifically remember one instance. The congregational council was despondent. Most members had moved away. How can we survive? -was their question. We decided to go for a walk around the area of the church. We saw many people living there, children playing in the yards, on the street – a hustle and bustle. There were no members living close by – but many, many others.

We agreed that, should another denomination rent the church building, it was most likely that it would soon be too small for them. Why do most of our congregations not succeed in inviting new people? Or, let me re-formulate: Why do many Lutherans not think of inviting others into their congregation? It is not the congregation that invites, but the people! I am reminded of an instance during my first few years of ministry. I met a congregant at a shop. After chatting a while, I greeted him “See you on Sunday” (they were regular service attenders). “No, we won´t be coming on Sunday. We have visitors for the weekend” “Why don´t you bring them along?” I asked.

From the facial expression I could see that this thought had never crossed his mind. Why is that? Do we just assume that our services and our congregation are not interesting to outsiders? Do we regard it as “irresponsible” to expose visitors to our services? Or are we indeed so busy with things that are irrelevant to outsiders? Why does your congregation exist? In Matthew 5,14 Jesus speaks about us as “light of the world”. A city on a mountain cannot stay hidden, he says. I encourage you to take a walk or a drive around the area surrounding your church. Do it with this prayer at heart: “Lord, why are we here? We have a wonderful gospel to share. Where should it shine?

With kind regards,

Horst Muller

News from the Church:
1. On 31 January 2015 Magdalene Böhmer passed away, aged 92. She was the widow of Pastor Herbert Böhmer. After their retirement the couple became active in St Peters Pretoria and served the congregation for many years, helping out wherever they could.

2. On 15 April 2015 Anne Holsten passed away, aged 93. She was the widow of Missionary Heinrich Holsten, who for many years was based in GaRankuwa, and from there established various ELCSA congregations around Pretoria. His Setswana songs are still sung in the region. After their retirement they too became active in St Peters Pretoria, especially helping out with services in the Old Age Home. We pray that the relatives will be comforted. Thanks be to God for these people that were a blessing to so many of us.

3. Pastor emeritus Albrecht Hahne passed away on 28 April. His funeral service was on 5 May in the Bellville congregation. Pastor Hahne was Pastor in Trinity (Eshowe-Hebron), Bethanien, St Peters Pretoria, and Bellville, and during his time in the ELCSA (NT) also the spiritual leader of the brass band association. As a young child he contracted leprosy, and suffered from the effects all along. Despite this he was well known for his laughter. We thank God for the work that he could do in His church. May God comfort his family, and guide them on the way forward.

4. The preparations for our Synod from 15-18 October in Kroondal are in full swing. The topic is “Unity in diversity”. The times when we were a homogenous Church are long gone. Even congregations working in only one language experience quite a variety of traditions amongst their membership. This often leads to immense tensions. Yet, such variety is also a blessing, because it shows that there is life. Please pray that the preparations may be blessed.

Who He was











The greatest fall
The splendour and majesty of heaven and God are yours
Unbelievable beauty and power that cannot be grasped
Deep peace and love in abundance everywhere
And you left to join us in our quagmire of struggles and thoughts
You left because you saw us and our plight lost in our world
You left to come to us and share the experience of our world
It is truly a deep fall from heavens wonders to painful disgrace
And in falling taking on all horrors of millions of evil plans

Washing feet a harmless symbol of cleansing with blood
You fell deep and that out of love for each one of us
You did not need it but out of wonderful compassion succumbed
You gave more than ever has been given before


Congregational Council
Sindi Koyana – Chairperson
Karsten Müller –  Treasurer
Markus Heise –  Evangelism
Joseph Mainama –  Property
Louis Thom – Social Ministries and Organisational support
Chris Mvungi – Young Adults
Andrew Falkson – Youth Pastor
Edwin Dedekind –  Pastor
Secretary: Shelley Styger
Secretaries Office Hours: 8 am to 1 pm
Address Physical Address
P.O. Box 72207
43 Lower Park Drive
Entrance in Ennis Road (2nd gate)
Contact Details
Phone: 011 646 1308
Fax: 086 605 5617
Banking Details
Acc. Name: St. Peter’s by the Lake
Bank: Standard Bank
Branch: Rosebank
Acc. No.: 001948962
Branch Code: 004205


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