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August -September 2015

From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded; and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked. Luke 12:48

Dear Readers!
Soon it will be Spring and we will see nature in all its beauty and wonder. What makes Spring so wonderful is that everything grows and develops. When I cycle through the parks in the morning I see the beauty that God prepares for us and every day is different. I often think whether our spiritual life also grows and develops in seasons. Jesus often uses nature to compare it to spiritual truths and the question is whether you are in the Season of Spring in your spiritual life. The watchword for September is: From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded; and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked. Luke 12:48

I have a vision of it becoming Spring in the congregation and everyone going through a period of growth and exciting beauty because we use what we have been given and allow God to bring about something new through it. I thought of some important pointers in bringing about growth in our spiritual life. Perhaps they will help you to grow:

1. We should be willing to grow and growth means change. That means we need to ask God to bring about growth in our lives and be prepared to let Him do with us what he needs to do. Perhaps you need to be pruned and that can hurt, but things need to be cut away for new growth and beauty to come about. Are you willing to ask God to bring about growth in your life?

2. It is very important that we realize that all we have and are is God’s and entrusted to us by God. Do not look at what others have, but look at what you have. Commit what you have to God. He wants us to go about responsibly with what He has entrusted to us. That is our lives, our bodies, our abilities, our chances, our gifts, our material possessions and everything else that He has given to us. Often in the Bible we are challenged to hand over to God and allow Him to do with us what He wants to. We need to surrender and entrust everything to Him and ask Him to bring about growth and fruits.
3. For a plant to grow, even in the spring season, it needs certain things. It needs water, sunshine, soil etc. If we want to grow we also need certain ingredients in our spiritual life. We need to take time for God to hear his voice: we need to spend time in silence just listening and talking to God. We need His Word: we need to read it regularly and have a reading plan that carries us in our everyday lives. We need the family of God to guide us: at the least to come to church, but that is actually not enough, as we need a group where we can talk about our faith and be led by others. And, we need to find a place to serve. These are the soil, sun, water etc. that we need to grow.
4. If we place everything into God’s hands we can enjoy what He brings about. The beauty of growth, new insights, new knowledge and deep wisdom. May God bring about growth in your life and allow His Spirit to make you blossom and grow.
Edwin Dedekind
Chaos in Parliament.

The leaders are embarrassing the nation. That is what happens when people choose to ignore rules and procedures. Sadly it is happening on all levels. Even the president and cabinet ministers seem to take the liberty to ignore the constitution or a cour
ruling that they don’t like. The result is chaos.

Ironically, all too often such chaos can be found in the Church, where on all levels Christians work against each other, or congregants in a congregation create chaos and disruption. “Diversity in Unity” – this is the theme of our Synod in October. Not “Unity in Diversity” The foundation on which the Church is built is not diversity, which we try to unify, but the unity from which diversity grows. What is the basis of our Unity that binds us all together?

In John 15,16 we read Jesus saying: “You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you that you may go and bear fruit!” The basis of our unity, the basis of the Church, is that Christ chose us, and not that I chose Christ! We are Christians by His choice, not by our own!

One of the recognised weaknesses of our parliamentary system is that the delegates are not accountable to the voters but to the party. To whom are we as Christians accountable? To the congregation? The Church? In the first instance we are accountable to the one who chose, elected us, Jesus Christ! The root of our Unity is not that I chose Christ, but that he chose me, and you, and him, and her, and …, and…. I need to respect His choice, and with that the constitution that HE gave us. We find it in John 15, 12: “My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you”. We cannot and shall not choose to ignore this constitution when it does not suit us. For then we are just as much an embarrassment to His Church as some of our leaders are to our nation.

So, before we can speak about diversity, we need to remind ourselves where our unity lies! Then the diversity will not pull us apart, but can become a creative energy that helps the Church to grow and develop to the glory of the Lord!

Yours in Christ

Horst Muller

News from the Church:
1. On 20 May 2015 Margret Pape passed away aged 88. She was the widow of Pastor Hinrich Pape, the first dean of the Northern Circuit of ELCSA (NT). The couple came to South Africa in 1954, sent by the Hermannsburg Mission. Their first congregation was Edlomodlomo.

After that they served in Piet Retief, and then till retirement in Kroondal. In their retirement they lived in Pretoria. On 27 May 2015 Myriam Müller passed away, aged 91. She was the widow of Pastor Reinhard Müller. Reinhard Müller was ordained after studying for the ministry as he was approaching retirement age. This brave step into the ministry took the couple to Pietersburg/Polokwane, where they served the Northern Parish until the second retirement. We thank God for the lives of these women, and the role that they played in the ministry of the Church. May God bless their families and comfort them.

On 18 June Bishop em. Richard Schiele passed away, aged 84. Having grown up on a mission station in Swaziland, he too became a missionary, trained by the Berlin Mission society. They served various parishes, and he was the founder bishop of the ELCSA Eastern Diocese. After his retirement he was very active in Pietermaritzburg in both ELCSA and ELCSA (NT) congregations and was a real bridge builder between cultures and churches. The last years the couple were active members of the Kempton Park congregation, where he continued playing his violin in the “Bells&Whistles” worship team, until his health no longer allowed it.

We thank God for this humble, serving man – the bishop who helped carrying chairs and wiping tables.

May God comfort Leonore and the family.
2. The Cape Synod met from 29-31 May in King Williamstown. ELCSA (NT) the following motion was adopted by the synod: “We agree in principle to a merger based on a common underlying Christian calling and tradition. Synod tasks Church Council to draw up a  draftconstitution and orders to be agreed upon in 2016 by the Church Councils of the ELCSA Cape and ELCSA (NT). From 2016 to the 2017 synod, Church Council is to consult widely with the congregations on the principles and constitution. Synods of both Churches, in 2017 to vote on the principles. In 2019 the Churches are to agree on a final constitution and orders, leading to respective dissolution processes.” The same motion will be put forward at our synod in October. During the synod preparation meetings and via correspondence and input sessions the congregations will be informed about the details so far.
3. ELCSA (NT) Synod Preparation meetings serve the following purposes: for the delegates it is a crucial preparation session, where questions can be clarified, suggestions made, and detailed information is given. This process leads to a much more efficient synod meeting. For congregational councils and treasurers it offers the opportunity to interact with the treasurer of the Church and president of Synod, and also still to make suggestions for changes or adaptations to laws and proposals.

Other members of congregations are welcome, and even encouraged, to attend this meeting, to get an insight of what is going to happen and be discussed at synod. The invitations to these meetings will be sent out by the respective deans.

The dates are:
29 August: Eastern Circuit, Braunschweig
5 September: Southern Circuit, Hillcrest
19 September: Central and Northern Circuits, St Peters Pretoria
4. In May Bishop Müller attended the Lutheran Council of Africa
meeting in Moshi and Marangu, Tanzania. A detailed report can be found at



New Volunteer from Germany: Miriam Müller

Why did you want to spend a year abroad?

I like to travel and what I heard about South Africa was that it is very different. I heard that South Africans are very open, friendly and outgoing. I also want to experience a different culture and let it challenge me.
Are you happy that you landed in a congregation?
I could have imagined doing a year in another project. I did not specify but said I wanted to visit church services regularly. It is exciting fo me to see how God is worshipped at St..Peter’s.

What would be important for you during this year?
Meeting people and building relationships. But, I have not come with great expectations to not be disappointed, but rather with an open mind.

Tell me a bit about yourself:

I am 18 years of age. I love music. I started playing the trumpet at 12 years of age. I played in bands, like a big band, and other styles. I like jass. I love singing and this is my favourite way of expressing myself. I have two siblings, twins, four years younger. I also love dancing. We wish her a wonderful time in our midst and that she grows spiritually.


Congregational Council
Sindi Koyana Chairperson
Karsten Müller Treasurer
Markus Heise Evangelism
Joseph Mainama Property
Louis Thom Social Ministries
and Organisational support
Chris Mvungi Young Adults
Andrew Falkson Youth Pastor
Edwin Dedekind Pastor
Secretary: Shelley Styger
Secretaries Office Hours: 8 am to 1 pm
Address Physical Address
P.O. Box 72207
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Entrance in Ennis Road (2nd gate)
Contact Details
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The new youth choir make us proud!




On Sunday the 31st May in the second service, we were treated to a beautiful presentation of ” We are the world ” by the newly formed youth choir. Congratulations to Clementine, Portia, Zimkhita, Puleng, Aamir, Junior, Lance, Eugene and Xolani for the amazing effort. Well done on all the weeks of practice on Sunday afternoons! You made us all so proud of you.

To see a video of the performance, go to our Facebook page at:

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The Voice – June/July




















“Not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit; says the Lord.” Zach.4:6



Dear Readers!
In Acts 19 verse 2 Paul asks the Corinthians whether they have received the Holy Spirit and they answer that they have not even heard of the Holy Spirit. For Paul, this passage makes it clear that if one believes and is baptised in the name of Jesus we are to receive the Holy Spirit. How would you answer the question that Paul poses: Have you received the Holy Spirit?
The disciples were told to go to Jerusalem after Ascension Day and wait to be filled with the Holy Spirit. Only then did they go out and spread the Gospel. At the beginning of my ministry was Pentecost and a waiting for the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the one who brings about the church, who sustains it and who grows the church. When we think about the church and commit to working in the church it is about allowing the Holy Spirit to lead us and grow the church through us.

Paul understood this and asked these people at a place where a little church had started, whether they had received the Holy Spirit. If I asked you that question, what would your answer be? These people admit that they have never heard of the Holy Spirit. I did not know much about the Holy Spirit until I took some time to read all texts in the Bible that mention the Holy Spirit and made a decision to learn everything that I could about Him. I also asked the Holy Spirit to teach me who He is and what He wants to do in our midst. These ten men and, although it is not mentioned, probably their families, receive the Holy Spirit.

In my work this getting to know the Holy Spirit and seeking Him has been central for many years. Someone once likened the work in the Kingdom of God to a surfer who learns to use the power of the waves and surfes on them. He does not create the waves but uses his skills to surf on them. In the Kingdom of God it is the Holy Spirit who creates the waves and we need to wait for them and learn the skills to surf on what He creates. He is the power and He determines the direction.

We need to become a part of  what He does and allow Him to work in our midst. How much energy in churches is wasted in trying to create waves and trying to bring about something on our own. Perhaps it is time to take a step back and to listen to the Holy Spirit and where He leads us. May this season of your life be one where you learn more about the Holy Spirit and give Him more and more space in your life. May God fill you with His Spirit.
Edwin Dedekind


News from St. Peter’s Child Care

We have lost major donors for St. Peter’s Child Care and that means we need to concentrate on funding to continue sustaining this project. The response from our congregation, when we made them aware of this, was overwhelming with Mpho Letlape standing up and offering to help. We must just be careful that we do not take funding away from St. Peter’s by the Lake, but also support these children that are so dear to us. I am humbled by the people who have phoned and raised funds through organizations or pledged to help. It is really very special to see how people reach out. Please think of how you can help and with what organizations you can put us in touch.

Please remember that St. Peter’s Child Care is a section 18a organization and can issue a tax certificate. You can therefore reclaim the taxes on what you give. The suggestion was that we encourage stop-orders of R100 to R500 and get as many people to participate. This will make us less dependent on large donors and the project will be more sustainable. But, you should first look at giving to the church and then to St. Peter’s Child Care. We are also trying to encourage regular monthly giving for the church so that we do not have to remind about finances to often.

St. Peter’s Child Care has done amazing work in the last years. The 7 families, with 30 children (that includes a house that is a place of safety and children come and go) are really well established. One of the families has a dog and a vegetable garden. The house is so comfortable that I felt at home in it. Please think of how you can support and who you can bring us in touch with for donations. More details of St. Peter’s Child Care are to be found on our webpage: Adelaide Mangena is the socail worker of the project and if you have any quesitons you can contact her at  Or phone her on 011 6461320.

The banking details of St. Peter’s Child Care are:
Account name: St. Peter‘s Child Care
Account number: 62032428618
Bank: First National Bank
Branch: Randburg
Branch Code: 254-005

May God be with you and bless you in everything you are doing.
Edwin Dedekind
















The Bishop’s post

In the previous Bishop´s Post I shared about my visit to Ethiopia. “Our congregations know why they exist” the Church leader had stated. I asked myself: Do our congregations know why, for what purpose they exist? When I was a dean I regularly led visitations to congregations.

I specifically remember one instance. The congregational council was despondent. Most members had moved away. How can we survive? -was their question. We decided to go for a walk around the area of the church. We saw many people living there, children playing in the yards, on the street – a hustle and bustle. There were no members living close by – but many, many others.

We agreed that, should another denomination rent the church building, it was most likely that it would soon be too small for them. Why do most of our congregations not succeed in inviting new people? Or, let me re-formulate: Why do many Lutherans not think of inviting others into their congregation? It is not the congregation that invites, but the people! I am reminded of an instance during my first few years of ministry. I met a congregant at a shop. After chatting a while, I greeted him “See you on Sunday” (they were regular service attenders). “No, we won´t be coming on Sunday. We have visitors for the weekend” “Why don´t you bring them along?” I asked.

From the facial expression I could see that this thought had never crossed his mind. Why is that? Do we just assume that our services and our congregation are not interesting to outsiders? Do we regard it as “irresponsible” to expose visitors to our services? Or are we indeed so busy with things that are irrelevant to outsiders? Why does your congregation exist? In Matthew 5,14 Jesus speaks about us as “light of the world”. A city on a mountain cannot stay hidden, he says. I encourage you to take a walk or a drive around the area surrounding your church. Do it with this prayer at heart: “Lord, why are we here? We have a wonderful gospel to share. Where should it shine?

With kind regards,

Horst Muller

News from the Church:
1. On 31 January 2015 Magdalene Böhmer passed away, aged 92. She was the widow of Pastor Herbert Böhmer. After their retirement the couple became active in St Peters Pretoria and served the congregation for many years, helping out wherever they could.

2. On 15 April 2015 Anne Holsten passed away, aged 93. She was the widow of Missionary Heinrich Holsten, who for many years was based in GaRankuwa, and from there established various ELCSA congregations around Pretoria. His Setswana songs are still sung in the region. After their retirement they too became active in St Peters Pretoria, especially helping out with services in the Old Age Home. We pray that the relatives will be comforted. Thanks be to God for these people that were a blessing to so many of us.

3. Pastor emeritus Albrecht Hahne passed away on 28 April. His funeral service was on 5 May in the Bellville congregation. Pastor Hahne was Pastor in Trinity (Eshowe-Hebron), Bethanien, St Peters Pretoria, and Bellville, and during his time in the ELCSA (NT) also the spiritual leader of the brass band association. As a young child he contracted leprosy, and suffered from the effects all along. Despite this he was well known for his laughter. We thank God for the work that he could do in His church. May God comfort his family, and guide them on the way forward.

4. The preparations for our Synod from 15-18 October in Kroondal are in full swing. The topic is “Unity in diversity”. The times when we were a homogenous Church are long gone. Even congregations working in only one language experience quite a variety of traditions amongst their membership. This often leads to immense tensions. Yet, such variety is also a blessing, because it shows that there is life. Please pray that the preparations may be blessed.

Who He was











The greatest fall
The splendour and majesty of heaven and God are yours
Unbelievable beauty and power that cannot be grasped
Deep peace and love in abundance everywhere
And you left to join us in our quagmire of struggles and thoughts
You left because you saw us and our plight lost in our world
You left to come to us and share the experience of our world
It is truly a deep fall from heavens wonders to painful disgrace
And in falling taking on all horrors of millions of evil plans

Washing feet a harmless symbol of cleansing with blood
You fell deep and that out of love for each one of us
You did not need it but out of wonderful compassion succumbed
You gave more than ever has been given before


Congregational Council
Sindi Koyana – Chairperson
Karsten Müller –  Treasurer
Markus Heise –  Evangelism
Joseph Mainama –  Property
Louis Thom – Social Ministries and Organisational support
Chris Mvungi – Young Adults
Andrew Falkson – Youth Pastor
Edwin Dedekind –  Pastor
Secretary: Shelley Styger
Secretaries Office Hours: 8 am to 1 pm
Address Physical Address
P.O. Box 72207
43 Lower Park Drive
Entrance in Ennis Road (2nd gate)
Contact Details
Phone: 011 646 1308
Fax: 086 605 5617
Banking Details
Acc. Name: St. Peter’s by the Lake
Bank: Standard Bank
Branch: Rosebank
Acc. No.: 001948962
Branch Code: 004205

The Voice- April – May 2015

The Voice- April – May 2015





















Surely, he was the Son of God! Matthew 27:54


Dear Readers!

Lent and Easter is and has been the deepest and most rewarding time over many years. It is a time I like to see as a journey with our Lord on the way to the cross, on the cross and then on to the resurrection. It encompasses the highs and lows of our lives and we have a chance to reflect and find peace. After a very difficult year with my mother in law passing away and many challenges both personal and in the church I need this time. I want to encourage each one of you also to take this time to come into the presence of our Lord and discuss everything with Him that is on your hearts. He helps us to work through things and that we can find peace. The watchword for April is a statement that echos in my mind again and again as I walk with the Lord:

Surely, he was the Son of God! Matthew 27:54

This is the statement of the Roman Officer and the other soldiers that had to crucify Jesus. They were forced to be witnesses to the most unfair and cruel event in history and at the end of the whole experience are left with a dilemma: Who is this man that we have just crucified? They make the statement that He is the Son of God because of what they have experienced. My experience is that if we dare to walk with Jesus, read his word, ask Him to reveal himself to us and allow His Spirit to work in our lives, we will have to come to the same conclusion as these soldiers. Today we do not have the privilege of having Jesus with us in Spirit, but we have Him with us through His Holy Spirit. He comes into our lives, takes over in our souls and shows himself to us in so many ways, if we dare to walkwith Him. When I notice that I am not focussing on my faith and it is weak, I take time to be with Him and He strengthens it and helps me through the things I have to face. Easter is just ahead of us and the time before Easter is the deepest time in history. God came down to the deepest level to show how much He cares. He did not leave us to get on with our lives, but rather came into them, took the evil of our lives and this world on himself and brought forgiveness and healing. Every step of Jesus that He took before Easter so many years ago is significant. If you take these verses in the Bible that teach us about this time and meditate on them you will see how this is significant for you. May God be with you on this journey to Easter and give you the time to meditate on His deepest moments.
















Bishops post

“God is good” “all the time” – “All the time” “God is good” – this is

how a speaker greets the congregation, and the congregation responds – not once, but a few times. I am attending a service in Addis Ababa. The congregation is 11 months old. It started off as a prayer group from the “mother congregation”. This is how things are done in the Ethiopian

Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus (EECMY). Church President Rev Dr Wakseyoum Idossa explains the process. “Of course congregations know that they do not exist for their own benefit. Their task is to spread the gospel, establish new congregations” It sounds as if he states the most obvious fact about Church.


When a congregation wants to reach out into the neighbourhood further away from the Church, members living there start with a prayer group. As it grows, they identify and rent a suitable house, with enough space to later build a hall or church. As a next step the house is bought, and as it becomes too small, funds are raised for a larger building. Once a congregation is strong enough to be self sustaining, pay the pastor’s salary and contribute towards the running costs of the EECMY, it can apply to become an independent member congregation. Only then does the Church become involved. Up to then it is under the care and supervision of the mother congregation. With this attitude and approach the EECMY has grown to 8000 congregations, but only has 3000 pastors – the Church is growing too fast! Therefore the Church assists in the training of Evangelists and Lay preachers, who might later do a two year course to be ordained.


In January in one region 40 Pastors were ordained! But that is by far not enough! This visit makes me think. What struck me most was the statement: “Of course the congregations know that they do not exist for themselves, but to spread the gospel” I am reminded of the Ethiopian official from Acts 8. After he became a Christian, “he went on his way rejoicing” we read in verse 39. Can it be an “Ethiopian thing” – this joy? Or is it the power of the gospel? I reflect on how, in our Church, we are often too shy to say anything, and all too seldom radiate the joy of being a Christian. Perhaps Mark 16.8 describes many of us better: “and they said nothing to anyone, for they were afraid.”


I wish that we can learn from our brothers and sisters in Ethiopia, learn to spread the gospel with joy, as if it is the most natural thing to do. Christ has conquered death and sin, he has brought us life! This is reason for joy! “God is good – all the time!”

(More information on the visit to Addis Ababa can be found at )


News from the Church

  1. Pastor Anja Spiske was elected by the Port Elisabeth Congregation as successor to Pastor Felix Meylahn. With her move to Port Elisabeth in November Piet Retief will become vacant.
  2. Pastor Georg Meyer has requested leave of absence to be part of a study process in Germany for at least a year. With this, the Durban Parish becomes vacant after Easter.

Talks between ELCSA (NT) and Cape Church

The main aim of any Church structure should be to enable congregations to better fulfill their calling at grass roots level.

  1. The task team agreed that merger between Cape and NT is possible and can work.
  2. There are no significant legal impediments to a merger.
  3. The bishops shall start trying out aspects of co-operation.
  4. Finances
  5. Both Churches are currently covering their costs
  6. Current investigations suggest that a merger will neither immediately become significantly cheaper nor significantly more expensive
  7. The approach to raising income is different between the Churches and will need further discussions
  8. Collections in ELCSA (NT) result in additional ministries.

The Cape Church does not have compulsory collections. Most collections are used for the congregation’s annual budget requirements.

  1. The approach to solidarity is very different in the Cape from the NT. In the NT it is given on a voluntary basis and raises a significant amount. In the Cape it is part of the congregation’s levy and only plays a small part.

iii. In NT some costs are borne by congregations, which in the Cape are funded centrally (such as travel to pastor’s conventions, synods and circuit events). Thus the direct cost impact on the congregations is different. The task team currently finds no apparent reason that merger should not be aimed at for 2017. Synods in 2015 would have to deliberate and decide on this. This implies that all relevant information needs to be ready for the 2015 Synods, so that informed discussions and possible decisions can be taken.

The congregations are requested to pray for this process.

Womans day
















“Receive each other as Christ received you. This will honor God.” To God be the glory, great things He has done! Thank you, God for a successful women’s day, we praise you! To all the ladies who made it possible, we as a congregation and extended Lutheran family would like to say ‘Thank you’ from the bottom of our hearts, your serving doesn’t go unnoticed by God! Thank you, Edna Müller, for welcoming all us ladies, and making each one of us feel special, and for your illustration of the flower arrangement, with each flower that was put into the vase representing a congregation in the Southern Africa Lutheran Church, which makes up a beautiful arrangement. You reminded each one of us, that we belong in the congregation He has placed us, in order for His purposes to be fulfilled. So, although there are many parts, we are one body (Ephesians 12:4-8). To the Guest Speaker: Heike Jakubeit, we would like to thank you for reminding each one us what a special part we play in the Kingdom of God, and how our relationship with our family and friends, plays a vital part in how we impact our local community for Christ. Jesus himself challenged the culture of His day which minimized the role and value of women. He rejected the idea of inequitable relationships among His followers by what He taught. He modeled servanthood (Matt. 20:25-28; Luke 22:25-17) and treated women with respect, including them as His closest friends and followers. In a culture that did not validate the voice of women in important societal issues, Jesus instructed the women to proclaim, to say out loud, to voice the news of His resurrection publicly, to both men and women (Luke 24:5-11). These actions mobilized the Early Church so that both women and men worshipped and served together. The New Testament incorporates the stories of prominent women in the church, who worked alongside Paul as colleagues (Acts 1:14; 16:40; Rom. 16:1-16; Phil. 4:3; Col. 4:15; Philem. 1-2). Women in the Church GOD’S HIGH CALLING FOR WOMEN “… Christian women should be known for doing good things and

living good lives.” (1 Timothy 2:10) “Your beauty should come from the inside. It should come from the heart. This is the kind that lasts. Your beauty should be a gentle and quiet spirit. In God’s sight this is of great worth and no amount of money can buy it. This was the kind of beauty seen in the holy women who lived many years ago. They put their hope in God…” (1 Peter 3:4&5) You Belong to those Who Believe the Truth “Our Lord Jesus Christ and God our Father loves us. Through His loving favor He gives us comfort and hope that lasts forever. May He give your hearts comfort and strength to say and do every good thing.” (2 Thessalonians 2:16 & 17) Vanessa Thom


Congregational Council

Sindi Koyana Chairperson

Karsten Müller Treasurer

Markus Heise Evangelism

Joseph Mainama Property

Louis Thom Social Ministries and Organisational support

Chris Mvungi Young Adults

Andrew Falkson Youth Pastor

Edwin Dedekind Pastor


Secretary: Shelley Styger

Secretaries Office Hours: 8 am to 1 pm

Address Physical Address

P.O. Box 72207



43 Lower Park Drive

Entrance in Ennis Road (2nd gate)


Contact Details

Phone: 011 646 1308

Fax: 086 605 5617



Banking Details

Acc. Name: St. Peter’s by the Lake

Bank: Standard Bank

Branch: Rosebank

Acc. No.: 001948962

Branch Code: 004205


The Voice- February/March 2015
























Dear Readers!
What is your relationship to Jesus and what He did for us really? Do you talk to Him, seek His presence and live a life where you know He is with you? In the watchword for February Paul expresses something of His relationship to Jesus and what role the Gospel of Christ plays in His life: I am not ashamed of the Gospel, because it is the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes. Romans 1:16 Paul knows what the Gospel means for a person. He was one who lived under the law and was zealously following what the law demanded. It demanded of him to throw Christians into prison, to fight against Jesus followers and even to have them killed. And yet Jesus meets him in love, in mercy and forgives him. Jesus even calls him to a different kind of life.

Before his life had been one of sternness, brutality, hatred and destruction. That is what happens if we become legalistic and want to force religion upon people by force. People who do this become radical and horrible. Paul then experienced love and mercy and this determined his life. This is what the Gospel is about. It is about Jesus meeting us where we are and accepting us like we are. He offers us peace with God, forgiveness and an unlimited source of love and grace. This love determines Paul’s life and he tells others about this Gospel at every opportunity and is never ashamed to talk about Jesus and to share what he has experienced. Jesus is his Lord and all he does is about Jesus.

Have you experienced the love of Jesus? He meets you where you are at the moment and accepts you like you are. He makes a new life possible in which you have total peace and where you can sleep well, because you know you are forgiven and there is nothing that needs to be dealt with before God.

I recently celebrated my 51st birthday and someone said I wish you another 51 good years. My spontaneous response was that I did not want to wait that long before I go home. When we live with Jesus we know where we are going and our lives are about living with Him. In His presence I experience a breaking in of the beauty of heaven and a yearning for a life that is fully in his presence comes about. There is nothing as beautiful and deep as his presence.

Do your experience His love and mercy in your daily life? Where do you hand this love on to others? Invite Jesus into your life today and ask Him to determine your thinking and your actions.





















Bishops Post


I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes! Romans 1,16

Why does Paul even consider that one can be ashamed of the gospel? Well, it proclaims a weak God, a loser! Remember – he is writing to the Christians in Rome, the city of the mightiest ruler of that time. Caesar is proclaimed as god. With might and power he conquers one country after the other. Brutally he removes other mighty kings. The temples of other religions are plundered, the gods dragged along triumphantly by the conquering Roman legions: We are strong, we are mighty! Caesar is Lord!

How can one dare to claim that the crucified Jesus, crucified by these Romans, is the King of Kings? That is ridiculous!
Paul knows better. He met this Jesus Christ, while he was on his way to brutally extinguish these weak Christians. But then the crucified Christ stopped him in his tracks – not with power and might, but with kindness, grace and forgiveness! O yes, he has experienced this power of God that set him free and changed him completely.

During his many stays in prison he time and again experienced this power, when ruthless soldiers and wardens were transformed by the gospel, when beastly criminals repented and became new human beings. People for whom there was no hope were changed and started afresh. This is not a gospel to be ashamed of! That is why Paul longs to come to Rome, and there, under the nose of Ceasar, proclaim this gospel of Jesus Christ! Nothing to be ashamed of!
At the beginning of this year 25 adult participants at eQuip retreat in Hermannsburg reflected on what it means to be a disciple, a Christian, a follower of Jesus. We do not have to be ashamed that we are Christians. We serve a Lord, who might seem to be without power, yet he is mightily at work throughout the world. We serve Christ, who died on the cross, yet through that conquered the power of sin. We proclaim the crucified, who has risen and overcome death!

We have the wonderful privilege to see how Christ is at work, silently, but with power! We need not be ashamed of him and his gospel!
Equip all














News from the ELCSA (NT)
1. After careful consideration, Ulrich Johl has decided to resign from his position as Programm facilitator of ELCSA NT for the end of January 2015. We thank him for his involvement and dedication to the Church and the work of the Church. May God bless him and his family on the way forward, and may he continue to be a blessing.
2. With the move of Pastor Burgert Brand to Namibia, Dean Theo Jaeckel is now the deputy to the bishop. I express my thanks to Pastor Brand for his support and assistance to me. We wish him God´s blessing and wisdom, as he now takes on the responsibility as Church leader. His induction as Bishop of the ELCIN GELC took place on 18 January 2015 in Windhoek.
3. With the relocation of Dean Dirk Köstlin to Bethanien, his deputy, Pastor Hugo Filter, became Dean of the Eastern Circuit on 1. January 2015. Thank you, Dirk, for your involvement. To Hugo: May your role as Dean bring you fulfilment, and may you be a blessing and be blessed together with the Eastern Circuit.
4. Pastor Werner Harms served the Hillcrest congregation for 2014. We are very thankful to him and Ilse for the commitment and involvement. Werner was willing to serve in Nelspruit for a few months after the retirement of Pastor Dieter Lilje end of March 2015. Unfortunately the sale of his farm at Elandskraal did not go through, and he had to change his plans.
5. The following inductions took place or are planned:
a. On 18 January Pastor Rene Risch was inducted as pastor in Hermannsburg Congregation and school. On the same day, the new principal, Martin Marx was inducted in his office. May God bless the community, school and all the people working there, especially with this big change happening.
b. On 25 January Pastor Reiner Focke was inducted in Empgangeni as new pastor in Trinity Zuluand. May the family and the congregation experience a fruitful journey together!
c. On 1 February Pastor Manfred Müller-Nedebock is to be inducted as pastor in Hillcrest. May the young congregation experience a good next phase in it´s development together with this family.
d. On 8 February Pastor Dirk Köstlin is to be inducted as pastor in Bethany, Izotsha. The congregation has embarked on a general overhaul of its manse, and Köstlins are staying on House Kandaze for the time. May God bless the work of Köstlins and the congregation!
e. On 1 March Pastor Rüdiger Lutz is to be inducted as pastor in Vryheid. May the couple quickly feel at home in the new congregation and Church, and experience the guidance of the Holy Spirit on the journey with the congregation.
f. Pastor Coll. Rolf Schmidt has moved to Harburg, where he continues his service as pastor coll. May it be a good experience for the family and the congregation.
6. On 31 March Pastor Dieter Lilje is retiring. After his ordination on 11.5.1980 he served Piet Retief (-1984), Pietermaritzburg (-1991) and then 18 years as bishop of ELCSA (NT) (1991-2009), before he served Nelspruit (2010-2015). As Church leader he guided the Church through the turbulent times from the old to the new South Africa, represented us abroad and locally, and guided many congregations and pastors through challenging times. We thank God for the wonderful work that
Dieter and Senta could do in our Church and beyond. The couple is retiring to live in
Pretoria. May they take a good break before the desire to serve leads them to another
7. On 15 March 2015 the Northern Parish (with Polokwane as centre) is having is closing service. For many years the Parish was taken care of from Nelspruit. Due to the small numbers they decided to dissolve the parish. May the Lord guide them, into new congregations or towards new possibilities.
8. 15-18 October 2015 sees the last Synod session of this synodal period. For most representatives it is the third synod they attend. This session also elects the bishop and deputy to the bishop. According to the rules of our Church the election is for 6 years. The congregations are invited to nominate a candidate at their AGM´s. Although Bishop Müller can be nominated for a second term, it is important not to simply treat it as a re-election, but to prayerfully consider who should be nominated. Any Lutheran Pastor in active service can be nominated. May the Lord of the Church guide the process!












The Evangelical Lutheran Church in Southern Africa (N-T) invites all ladies to attend a Women’s Day

“Stay connected through Christ’s Love!”
Speaker: Heike Jakubeit
DATE: 21 February 2015 9h00 to lunch
VENUE: St Peters by the lake – Johannesburg
COST: R50 per person * RSVP by 15 February 2015 to our church office,
Edna Müller: 012-348-3313 or
Heidrun Ottermann: 082-742-0740
Annual General Meeting: St. Peter’s by the Lake
8 March after the 9am service. At 9:45am.
Please come and attend. Take responsibility in the decisions for the work that we do for our Lord. We keep it as short as possible so that everyone can attend.

The Voice- October November 2014




















Dear Readers!

The watchword for October is very relevant after the Harvest Festival on the first Sunday in October: Be generous with your offerings when you worship the Lord. Don’t be stingy when you offer the first produce from your crops. Ecclesiastics 35:10 Worshipping the Lord comes in many forms and we have endless possibilities. One of the most beautiful ways to worship is through music and good worship music can be an expression of the joy of being in the presence of the Lord. Worshipping is about expressing our love and appreciation to the Lord and we have different ways of doing that

One of the ways to worship the Lord is to give to Him. This text calls us to be generous when we give to the Lord and speaks about bringing the first produce, or first fruits of what we receive. When you receive something, what your first thoughts about that harvest or crop is shows something about your heart. If we know that everything we have and are comes from the Lord then our heart will be thankful to him and the first thought will be the offering of thanksgiving to the Lord. When I receive my salary the first payment, even if there is something that is urgent, is the one that goes to the Lord and it has become an act of worship. It fills me with a deep thankfulness and deep joy. Do you see giving as an act of worshipping the Lord?

Thank you to those in our congregation who have responded to our call to worship the Lord by giving and we always stress that you need to give with a joyful heart. Therefore, giving to the Lord is a deep spiritual act. Our hearts need to be right with God and we can only really give with complete joy if we realize that everything we have and are is from God and if we are truly thankful to Him. I am so thankful to him for the congregation that I can serve. I am thankful to him for the wonderful experiences I have made in my years in the ministry. I am thankful to Him for my education, for the possibilities that I have had and that He gave me the right attitude to use those chances in life. I am thankful to Him for my family and friends and so much more. The giving is an act of thankfulness and appreciation for what He does in my life.

Take some time and write down what the Lord is doing in your life. Hand over to Him and see everything as His and go about with things as if they are His. This will give you a deep thankfulness and a willingness to give back to Him. Worship the Lord with a joyful heart and give generously. This worship is between you and Him. Let Him fill you with His joy as you give abundantly.

Shalom Edwin Dedekind


Bishops post














The reformation artist Lucas Cranach senior has drawn an impressive illustration of Luther preaching. It symbolises many aspects of the reformation and the Lutheran Church. It clearly shows that Christ the crucified is the centre of the Church and of all preaching. It also shows Luther’s passion for Jesus Christ. His highest goal was to proclaim this Christ. Looking at the congregation, one can read a lot into their faces. Some look at the crucified Christ, adore and worship him. It is so wonderful when people hear the gospel and get to know Christ. The sermon has fulfilled its purpose! Quite a few look at Luther. This is the danger of any revival movement.

To the preacher Christ is at the centre, but all too easily it happens that the audience starts worshipping the preacher. This also remains the danger of the Lutheran Church – that we focus on Luther, rather than looking at where he is pointing! Yes, we may look at him – but may we then also see where he is pointing, and look at Christ.

One face fascinates me. One woman seems to be looking at us. Suddenly I am no longer just an observer. I am standing in the room! Her eyes are calling: Come and join us. Come and listen – and meet Jesus Christ.

On 31 October we will be remembering Reformation day. A lot of focus will be on Martin Luther.I hope that many will see the real focus and hear the wonderful message that Jesus Christ, the crucified is the Saviour of the world. I also hope that in each service, in each congregation, there will be those like this one woman, who ensure that onlookers will be met by welcoming glances that say: Come in and get to know our Saviour Jesus Christ! Yours in service of this Christ,







News from the Church:

Congratulations to Frank Schütte who passed his second theo-logical examination on 13 August 2014. He was ordained in the Johannes-gemeinde Pretoria on 17 August, and has commenced his service as pastor-coll in Augsburg Congregation (Eastern Circuit). We wish him, his family and the congregation God’s blessing for their journey together.

Various elections were held recently. Vryheid elected Pastor Rüdiger Lutz from East London as successor to Dirk Köstlin. He will be seconded by the Cape Church as from 1 March 2015. Hermannsburg School and Congregation elected Pastor Rene Risch as successor to Burgert Brand who will take up his office as Bishop in Namibia on the 1st of January 2015. Pastor Reinhold Schiele was elected as pastor of the Northern Congregations of the German Evangelical Lutheran Church in Namibia. He will commence his duties there when he returns from Germany at the end of 2014. Southern and Eastern Circuits elected to continue with the 25% Youth Pastor post KZN for a further 3 years. Both ELCSA (Cape) and (NT) at their synods in 2013 adopted a motion of “engagement in view of marriage” between the Churches. The respective church councils were tasked to take the process further. 

On 4 August a task team comprising of the bishop, president of synod and treasurer of each Church met to address the issue in more detail. The following was agreed upon: The aim is one Church which serves and empowers its congregations to fulfil their local calling and where these congregations constructively engage with one another. The task team divided into sub-teams on structure, laws and finances. Each of these sub-teams is encouraged to think outside the box, rather than just adapting or amalgamating what we have. At the next meeting in November 2014 the suggestions will be discussed. After that you will receive a next report.

Combined Pastors Meeting – Cape Church and our church 


From the 15 to the 19 September the pastors of the Cape Church and our church met for a combined meeting. We are thinking about merging the two churches and this meeting served to get to know and understand each other and the differences of our churches. It was a wonderful time of fellowship and appreciating the people God has called into full time ministry.

Wednesday 30 Minute Teaching Service

On Wednesdays the Young Adults and one Fellowship Group meets here at the church. From Wednesday the 22 September we will change the structure a little. We will start with a 30 Minute Teaching in the church and then go into the groups. Everyone is invited to attend, even if it is just for the 30 Minute Service in the middle of the week. May God bless this new ministry in our church.

Greetings from the new Volunteer at St. Peter’s


Hi all, My name is Judith Meng and I am the new volunteer here at St. Peter’s. I am 19 Years old and the youngest of four children. I grew up close to Stuttgart, which is in the south of Germany.

Before I came to Johannesburg I finished school. I arrived the 22nd of September and will stay here until August 2015.

I really like to play music and my main instrument is the Trombone and I have been playing for 10 years. I also like sport and played team handball for a few years. I´m looking forward to a year here in South Africa full of new experiences and challenges.

Beautifying of the Garden of Remembrance


A team consisting of Thom’s and Heise’s took it upon themselves to beautify the Garden of Remembrance. It is wonderful when people take over tasks in the congregation and do them to the glory of the Lord. It is inspiring to see how people give, help and do things in the congregation. May God bless all who are helping and giving so generously. Library Project The room under the hall is being turned into a library and research room. We want to fill it with good spiritual books and bring about a place where people can do research, read and get good books to read. We are in the process of painting it and putting in shelving. Please donate good Christian books and DVD’s. You can hand them in at the office. We want to also put in computers for research and are looking forward to a room that will be used to the benefit of many in the congregation.

History of St. Peter’s by the Lake

HIsotry of St Peters

In the late 1950’s there were Lutheran Churches in Johannesburg, but only German and English speaking congregations. In the late 1950’s it was decided to establish an English Lutheran Congregation in Johannesburg. St. Peter’s by the Lake was established in cooperation with the Lutheran World Federation who provided the necessary funds. The first pastor was called from the U.S.A. and David Nelson started work here in Johannesburg on the 1 July 1960. The Nelson family lived in the house at 43 Lower Park Drive and this became St. Peter’s by the Lake. It was then decided to buy the property and the congregation was officially established on the 10th December 1961. Under the second pastor, Pastor Earl Anderson also from America, a committee was formed to build the church. The money was borrowed from the Lutheran World Federation and paid back in full within a few years. The ground breaking for the building of the church was celebrated on the 1 September 1968. At first the lounge, kitchen and education block (which is now the manse) were completed and the services were held in the lounge. (To be continued).

Congregational Council

Sindi Koyana-Chairperson

Karsten Müller -Treasurer

Markus Heise- Evangelism

Eloise Knoetze -Counselling

Joseph Mainama- Property

Louis Thom -Social Ministries

Andrew Falkson -Youth Pastor

Edwin Dedekind -Pastor

Secretary: Shelley Styger  Secretaries

Office Hours: 8 am to 1 pm


Youth Gala Dinner


Gala dinner invitation_new



















A couple of months ago Johannes Klingbeil, our German volunteer came up with the wild idea to have a Gala Dinner with song dance and testimonies about how “Faith in Jesus Changes lives”. We ended up having the dinner form 4pm -6pm on Sunday the 3rd August so we called it a Gala Sunch (a mix between supper and lunch. )




There was a lot of blood sweat and tears that went into the rehearsal . We used the holiday time in June and July productively to prepare. We were able to practice for the Gala dinner after church and on Wednesdays and Fridays leading up to the dinner.


Johannes did a lot of work with the choir after church on Sundays with the  choir. They went from not believing they could sing to doing a great job at the dinner.




The evening entailed  a three course meal prepared by the cooking team of Clementine, Jason, Eddie , Sledge and Michelle with a vegetable soup starter, a spaghetti bolognaise with salad and jelly and custard as pudding prepared and served by the youth. We spent the whole of the Saturday before shopping at Makro at month end to get the best prices and to get the food, crockery and cutlery.


As could be expected, we had a lot of hiccups along the way  but at the end of the day it all paid off and turned out well. Thanks to Edwin for keeping us on track and not letting us throw in the towel.


We sold 54 tickets mostly for R100 each and had R2600 costs which left us with R2800 profit which goes to the youth fund for Kailager.


We had 40 youth involved in the evening with setting the room up, waitering, cooking, cleaning, decorations, preparing the benches, dancing, singing, doing the testimonies or helping with ticket sales.




The evening started with the youth band, Clementine, Portia, Busi, Thuli, Melissa, Johannes and Sledge doing three worship songs with their usual joy, love for  God  and exuberance.

There were three sections to the evening, before knowing Jesus, getting to know Jesus and after meeting Jesus . Each section comprised of a song, a testimony and a dance relevant to that section.

In the first section the soup starter was served and the  ‘before knowing Jesus ‘ section was performed . We had the Lion King song, ‘In the Jungle’ refering to life int the concrete Jungle. We then had a testimony by Solomon Ramafalo about his life in the urban jungle and then a Krump dance demonstrating the wildness of the BC days.


In the second section, the main course was served and the focus was on the meeting with Jesus. The song was ‘Halleluiah’ by Leonard Cohen ,a beautiful song, was sung by the choir with several solo performances, then a testimony by Catherine Monku about her childhood in a traditional church and then coming to St Peters where she found Jesus and life in the church.  The dance was a contemporary dance with a demonstration of Christ on the cross to a song by Mali Music. One of the dancers, Aamir even took a knock to the eye when he lifted Eric up but he got up and carried on, showing real determination.  The dance finished with some pantsula dancers strutting their stuff.


In the third section the dessert of jelly and custard was served and the final song ‘Siyahamaba-We are marching in the light of God’ was performed. There was a testimony by Tuchi Nxumalo and then the final dance , a contemporary dance to an upbeat song called “Ready, Set, Go’ was performed.


We ended off with a thank you song by the guys which was great.




The feedback has been very positive with various guests, old and young saying they loved it. The men from the German old age home also enjoyed it. The 40 youth who participated were also blessed by serving and said they really enjoyed participating.

We thank God for His blessing and look forward to doing something similar next year again.


The Voice – July 2014


The Voice

The Voice










June / July 2014
Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit, says the Lord
Almighty. Zech.4:6
Dear Readers!
On the second Sunday in June we celebrate Pentecost. Pentecost is where the Holy Spirit came upon the disciples and the church was born. The Holy Spirit draws people to God, fills them with His presence and works in our lives. In the last days a word from Romans 8:5 has become important to me. “Those who are dominated by the sinful nature think about sinful things, but those who are controlled by the Holy Spirit think about things that please the Spirit.”
Have you taken time to think about your thoughts and what dominates your thoughts. When we become quiet in the presence of the Lord our thoughts are what the Holy Spirit works on. When we are honest before God about our thoughts He can work in and through us. Thoughts that are dominated by our sinful nature are present. They are there and need to be dealt with. If we ignore them they often just bounce back. How do you deal with thoughts that are there because of our sinful nature? Living with the Holy Spirit in our lives means that He is the one who takes over, who we surrender to and whom we allow to heal our thoughts. Prayer for me is discussing everything with God and allowing Him to bring healing and His beautiful and pure thoughts into our lives.


The Holy Spirit is the one who changes us from within and works constantly in our lives.


When He came upon the disciples everything changed. Before they had been hiding in the room in Jerusalem. They were afraid of the people who had sentenced Jesus to death and did not know what to do and what to say. When the Holy Spirit comes upon the disciples everything changes. They suddenly do not worry about the dangers anymore, but go out and spread the word of God. They preach about Jesus and He even becomes more important to them than there own lives are. Their thoughts are controlled by the Holy Spirit and they do what pleases Him. When Peter and John are challenged by the people who had Jesus  crucified and are told not to preach about Jesus they answer courageously and continue to do what the Holy Spirit tells them to do.


This is the change that the Holy Spirit brings about in our lives. He leads us to focus on Jesus, on His word, on following Him and on living for Him.


Pentecost is about the Holy Spirit coming into peoples lives, about changing them, making them grow in faith and leading them in a life that is meaningful and deep. This life looks different for each one of us. Some people are called to leave everything while others are called to serve and bring the love of God where they are. But, the Holy Spirit calls all of us to concentrate on God and serve Him. He influences our thinking and changes our lives from within. Let the Holy Spirit fill you and change your thinking. It is the most exciting journey any one of us can go on. May He lead you and bless you with His presence.
Edwin Dedekind
“They are shameful gluttons, serving their stomachs, who should rather be looking after pigs and dogs than being counsellors and pastors!”
Martin Luther writes these very harsh words in the preface to the large catechism, 1529. But he is not only worried about poorly trained pastors. The whole schooling system in Germany had collapsed with the closure of monasteries and the associated schools. Boys and girls were abandoned to their fate.


In quite a few of his writings Luther addresses this issue. He urges rulers and city councils to establish good schools and to make schooling compulsory.


Frankly, I am glad that I do not need to speak so harshly about our pastors. We are, however, in the process to reformulate guidelines for theological education. This has become necessary due to the drastic decline in the standard of schooling in our country.

Although 70% of matriculants pass their matric, only 13% achieve marks that are good enough to study at university. Even worse, 60% of all learners never make it beyond grade 9.


Can we as Church do anything about this? We are already, at least to some extent. The few Church – and congregation schools perform way above the average for the country. In fact, our Church School, Hermannsburg, regularly is amongst the top Schools in respect of Matric result.


We need to support these schools and ensure that they can continue to exist, and where possible to expand, or to start new school projects. And then we should really put a huge emphasis on the schooling of our own children and grandchildren.


We should take time to read to them, and instil in them a love for reading. Furthermore we should ensure that they receive good quality schooling (keeping in mind that more expensive does not necessarily mean better quality). We need to accompany them during their schooling, so that they have a solid foundation as they enter adulthood. But there is a bigger challenge. Thousands of young children grow up in poverty and are already lagging behind when they enter school. The deficit then just continues to grow. There are a few instances where members of our Church address this issue. Some farmers’ wives have started pre schools for the children on their farm. A city congregation is involved in a home work centre, where children receive help after school to develop their academic skills. One congregation has established a pre-school for underprivileged children of the community. Although all these are very small steps in view of the extent of the problem, for those Children who benefit, it is life-changing.


“Let the Children come to me”, Jesus said, “for to such as these belongs
the kingdom of God”


These words were spoken in a time and culture where little Children did not achieve much attention. Teachers saw them as nuisance and chased them away. But Jesus takes a different approach. These young children have their lives ahead of them. They are extremely impressionable and shapeable. If they are not shaped by us, by the gospel and the mindset of Jesus, they will be shaped by other influences – or lack thereof. That is why Luther places such a huge emphasis on good education. Let us too become involved or more involved in this!


News from the Church


On 29 March 2014 Prof. Dr Gunther Wittenberg passed away shortly before his 79th birthday. As a young pastor the United Ev.Luth. Church in Southern Africa commissioned him to plan and start our own theological training. This he managed to do well, and led the process till his retirement. Through this work he also had a significant impact on the theological faculty of the University in Pietermaritzburg. We thank God for his service, and pray for comfort and strength for his wife Monika and family.


Bethanien Congregation has elected dean Dirk Köstlin as their new pastor. Therefore Vryheid congregation has commenced the process of finding a successor for the beginning of 2015.


The Evangelical Lutheran Church in Italy had invited UELCSA to be present at their Synod in Naples. Bishop Horst Müller attended. The ELKI is a predominantly German Church, but like ELCSA (NT) very much in the process of becoming indigenous, whilst being a minority Church. That then is the major reason for this interaction. We want to see what we can learn from and with each other, and whether there are topics that we can mutually deal with. There is a strong likelihood that young people from our Church could do a volunteer year in Italy. Another possibility is for congregations in similar situations to link up with each other.


Vicar Frank Schütte returned back from Germany (Saxony) with his wife Nina and son Lars at the end of May. He is now preparing for his final theological examination, planned for mid-August. After successful completion he will be ordained on 19 August in the Johannes congregation, Pretoria. From there he will then relocate as Pastor-coll to Augsburg. Please remember him in your prayers!


We thank retired pastor Helmut Dedekind and his wife Christa for helping out in Augsburg. They return to Germany early in June. The Evangelical Church in Germany (EKD) offered to co-fund a project in Gauteng, reaching out to Germans living in that area. The hope is to also integrate them into a congregation. The EKD funds 80% of the personnel costs, and Northrand, congregation, who will host the program, 20%.


Pastor Katrin Zürn-Steffens will be the pastor of the project on a full time basis. Let us pray to God to bless this work. Gala Dinner by the Youth of St. Peter’s to raise funds for


Alpha Course


Do you want to grow spiritually and experience more of God then the Alpha Course is for you. It touches on many questions that people have and has helped many people grow closer to God.

The Alpha Course will take place on Wednesday evenings at 18h30 from the 30th July at St. Peter’s by the Lake. It is a course that many in our congregation would recommend because of what they experienced when they took part in it. It has changed many peoples lives in such a profound and wonderful way. Please consider investing this time to get closer to God.


What is the Alpha Course:

The Alpha course is an opportunity for anyone to explore the Christian faith. It’s relaxed, low key, friendly and fun. There is a meal together at the beginning of each session which gives you an opportunity to get to know each other. Listen, learn, discuss, discover and ask anything.


Baptisms and Confirmation

DSC_0160_newOn Sunday the 8th June Tina Assheton-Smith, Stephanie Gray, Khanyi Sithole, Keneilwe Makeke, Michelle Mangena, Nehemiah Muravha and Thuba Nxumalo will be baptised. They are part of the confirmation group that will be confirmed on the 27 July. Klaudia van Zyl will be confirmed in that service as she is leaving for Australia soon afterwards. On the 27th we will have the confirmation of the other confirmands.

















  The design of the hoodies that were give to the confimants, 


Congregational Council

Sindi Koyana – Chairperson
Karsten Müller – Treasurer
Markus Heise – Evangelism
Innocentia Tjale – Young Adults
Eloise Knoetze – Counselling
Joseph Mainama – Property
Tutu Zwane – Organisation
Louis Thom – Social Ministries
Andrew Falkson – Youth Pastor
Edwin Dedekind – Pastor
Secretary: Shelley Styger
Secretaries Office Hours: 8 am to 1 pm



Remain in Christ to help heal and grow….

St. Peter’s by the Lake is a congregation that focusses on following our Lord Jesus Christ and seeking His will in everything.Our vision: Remain in Christ to help heal and grow…
We are a multi-cultural congregation that worships in English. We value the traditions of the Lutheran faith, but face the challenges of the world we live in and therefore also seek contemporary ways to worship our Lord.
 The ministries in the congregation show the diverse nature of our congregation and the calling to serve in this world.
We believe that it is important to focus on the relationship to our Lord in order to receive the strength to fulfil our calling.
Ministries include: A traditional and a contemporary Worship Service, Children’s Church, STIC – Youth Ministry, Fellowship Groups, Alpha Ministry, JSA-Operation Relief, St. Peter’s Child Care etc.
Love the Lord your God with all your heart, and all your mind, and all your soul, and all your strength. Love your neighbour as you love yourself – Matthew 22: 37-39


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    St Peter’s by the Lake Lutheran Community Church

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    Street Address: 43 Lower Park Drive, Parkview, Johannesburg

    Corner Ennis Road and Lower Park Drive, Parkview

    Entrance on Ennis Road (2nd gate if you are coming from Lower Park Drive)