Who are we?

Zoo Lake in Johannesburg

Our Mission

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The Pastor and Congregational Council

We currently have a vacancy and are working towards getting a part-time or full-time pastor.


Peter is the chairperson of the congregational council.

Peter Lucas

Natalie is the Deputy chairperson for the congregational council.

Natalie Zähringer

Karabo is the treasurer for the congregational council.

Karabo Morule

Leonora is the secretary for the congregational council.

Leonora Klein

Priscilla is the deputy secretary of the congregational council.

Priscilla Berne

Alec is the congregational council person responsible for the property and maintenance portfolio.

Alec Gumbie

Nicolei s the congregational council person responsible for technology and marketing portfolio.

Nicole Mckenzie

Mxolisi is the congregational council person responsible for the membership portfolio.

Mxolisi Motau

Synod Reps

Anna Gumbie

Siyabonga Mpanza

History of St Peter's by the Lake

Lutheran churches existed in Johannesburg, but the services were held in German or Swedish only. It was therefore decided in the late 1950’s to establish an English-speaking Lutheran Church, so that those Lutherans who had married English-speaking spouses, could attend services and their children attend Sunday School classes as well.


St Peter’s by the Lake Lutheran Church was established by “The Board of Trustees for Extension Work in Southern Africa” in cooperation with “The Lutheran World Federation” based in Geneva, Switzerland, who lent the money required.

The first Pastor to be called from the U.S.A. was David Nelson with his wife and two small children. They lived in the house at 43 Lower Park Drive in Parkview, which was to become the home of St Peter’s. The first service was held on 19 February 1961 in Parktown North. It was decided by the “Board” to buy the property at 43 Lower Park Drive and when “Rights” had been granted the services were held in the lounge of the house. The Nelsons continued to live in the house, and the furniture had to be cleared every week, to enable the services to take place. The first service took place in July 1961 and Sunday School started on 5 November in the out buildings. The congregation was officially established on 10 December 1961. Pastor Nelson left in February 1965 and while a new Pastor was being sought, Pastor Carroll F. Ellertse, an American Lutheran Missionary minister held the fort for 16 months.


The second Pastor to answer the call was Earl L Anderson and under his guidance plans were laid to build a Church, an education block and an office block, which were all very much needed. The Lutheran World Federation donated half of this money and the other half was to be paid by the congregation. This money was borrowed from the Lutheran World Federation and repaid in full within a few years.


On 1 September 1968 the Ground Breaking took place at which everyone present was able to dig one spade full of earth to cut the foundations of the church. A very moving dedication service took place on 27 July 1969 and was attended by many dignitaries. Sunday School tables and chairs, an altar rail, pulpit and lectern were built by three of the members over many months.
Each family donated one hymnal and a church in the States shipped out some hymnals for our use. Small black hymnals were also donated.


An organ, originally installed in 1920 in the Dutch Reformed Church in Bothaville, was purchased for R5, 700-00. This 17 rank instrument was completely rebuilt by Mr. E. Fehrle and Co. by Christmas 1969. In rebuilding, the organ was redesigned and changed from a pneumatic action to an electric action.


In keeping with the name, St Peter’s, the baptismal font was to be a simple, unadorned rock. Early in 1969 the William Nicol highway (now Winnie Mandela drive) was being rebuilt. A lot of blasting took place, scattering huge rocks. A rock was chosen and carted back to the church in the Pastor’s car. The altar clothes were made and embroidered by some of the W.O.S.P.S. (Women of St Peters).


St Peter’s has been a full member of NELCSA (previously ELCSA (N-T)) since 1984.


The building of the manse started in March 1988 and was completed in August 1988. The Werneckes were able to move in after dedication of the buildings in August 1988. In July 1989 the Garden of Remembrance was established and plaques commemorating those who have passed away are put up on the wall of the church.


Pastors who succeeded Pastor Anderson were:

  • Pastor Neville B. Kretzmann (July 1970 – August 1976),
  • Pastor Mark Hestenes (September 1976 – July 1983),
  • Pastor Andreas Wernecke (February 1984 – June 2000)
  • Pastor Edwin B. Dedekind (November 2000 – March 2017)
  • Pastor Dieter Trümpelmann (January 2018 to 2021)
  • (Acting) Pastor Martha Weich (2022 to January 2023)

Talk to us

Have any questions or are you interested in joining our congregation? We are always open to talk about our worship services, our areas of action, your pastoral care, and how we can help you.